Your Future is bright with the IBEW and it starts now

If you are eligible to work in Canada (Canadian Citizen OR Permanent Resident) do a quick self check to see if you qualify for the program. If you have any questions about your eligibility, apply anyway and the Pathway partners will discuss with you to evaluate your eligibility for the 2022 or future intakes.

If you have any questions about financial support, transportation to the Oshawa location, or any other concern, apply and let the Pathway team know your concerns and with the help of our community partners, we will help you find a way past the barriers.


Canadian Citizens OR Permanent Residents are invited to consider the three requirements below. Participants must meet all requirements.


For the 2022 intakes, women and anyone identifying as a woman, two spirit, nonbinary or other non-cis gendered persons with a welcoming focus on Indigenous, racialized, and newcomer workers are welcome to apply. Any such persons considering a second career or returning to work are also welcome to apply.


Participants are expected to meet the physical demands of working in the electrical trade such as lifting, carrying, climbing, standing, manual dexterity, etc. Program administrators will work with participants to address any needed accommodations to overcome barriers, such as fear of heights, to enable success in the program and in their future career as an electrical apprentice.


Participants who are one course away from meeting the course requirements listed below may be accepted on the condition that they complete their final course requirement on their own time, at their own expense by the end of the 25 week program. Applicants will be connected with a counselor from The Career Foundation to help them navigate to complete any missing high school credits.

Participants must have at least one Math, one Physics and one English from these high school credits:


MHF 4U Grade 12 Advanced Functions

MGA 4U Grade 12 Geometry and Discrete Mathematics

MCV 4U Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors

MDM 4U Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management

MCT 4C Grade 12 Mathematics for College Technology

MCB 4U Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus

MTT 4G Grade 12 Mathematics General

MAT 4A Grade 12

MCR 3U Grade 11 Functions

MAP 4C Grade 12 Foundations for College

MCF 3M Grade 11 Functions & Applications


ENG 4U Grade 12 English, University

ENG 4C Grade 12 English, College

ENG 4A Grade 12

ENG 4G Grade 12


SPH 4U Grade 12 Physics, University

SPH 4C Grade 12 Physics, College

SPH 3U Grade 11 Physics, University static electricity, current electricity, resistance

SPH 4A Grade 12

SPH 4G Grade 12

Participants who are two or more courses away from meeting the above course requirements are encouraged to complete their requirements before applying for a later cohort (start dates August 22 or December 12, 2022).

Participants who do not meet the above physics course requirement by the end of the program may be considered for an apprenticeship as an IBEW 353 Network Cabling Specialist (NCS).

Participants may be accepted if they do not currently have their high school transcripts, but have their university or college Math, Physics and English transcripts. They will be expected to show their high school transcripts showing the above required credits by the end of the 25 week program.

To apply, send a message to The Pathway

Use the form below to let us know that you meet all three above requirements, and you would like to apply. The Pathway Program is only accepting applications for the 3rd cohort, deadline for applications is October 14, and the start date is December 12, 2022

Or use the form below if you have questions about your eligibility for the program.

Or use the form below if you are wondering if The Pathway is right for you.